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Community Programs

We offer free presentations and facilitated dialogues to community groups and individuals on the basics of domestic and/or sexual violence, signs, intervention, and awareness. This is a great way to learn more about the issues and take a stand through partnership with ASPEN.  Participating groups have included faith-based groups, civic and service clubs, and community interest organizations.  We will craft the presentation to fit your group’s specific time frame and goals.

ASPEN is also committed to educating and collaborating with professional groups by offering a wide variety of training options tailored to each group.   Our staff will work with you to craft a training that meets your group’s specific goals and time frame. 

TREE Youth Program

ASPEN’s Trust Respect Empowerment Empathy (TREE) program aims to promote tolerance and respect and help prevent dating violence and bullying through the education of youth and promotion of healthy relationships to end the cycle of violence in our community. TREE uses a variety of evidence based curriculums and programs to create what each individual school needs.

ASPEN Lunch & Learn Programs

ASPEN’s goal with providing Lunch & Learn presentations is to increase awareness of community needs and resources and provide education and primary prevention of inter relational violence. The primary prevention of inter relational violence aims to create social change and reduce the imbalance of power to marginalized populations. Lunch & Learn lectures cultivate individuals and communities that do not tolerate violence and that support healthy relationships, gender equality, and work to shift deeply ingrained attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that contribute to the problem of inter relational violence.

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